Centre for Matua Studies

The Centre for Matua Studies, Harichand Guruchand University, is a newly conceived centre to uplift the downtrodden, the Dalits, the untouchables and the backward communities by disseminating the light of knowledge and spreading quality education. The basic objective of this centre of higher learning is to explore the culture, heritage, and prospects especially of Matua Community across the region.

We cordially invite you and solicit your gracious presence in this seminar. We will be thankful to you if you kindly enrich ourselves with your esteemed ideas, thinking, experiences and valued suggestions with regard to the grand success of our efforts.

  1. 8th Seminar on Freedom of India : The Context of Matuas and other Discourse Click here
  2. 7th Seminar on “Role of followers of Harichand Guruchand Thakur to extend the Matuaism in Bangladesh: The Context of Orakandi” Click here
  3. 6th Seminar on Relevance of Harichand Thakur and Guruchand Thakur in the Constitution of India Click here
  4. 5th Online Seminar on “Role of Harichand Thakur and Guruchand Thakur in the Establishment of Humanism and Elimination of Untouchability” Click here
  5. 4th Online Seminar on “Religion and Culture of Matuas: Context and Credence” on July 24, 2021 at 06:00 p.m – Click here
  6. 3rd Online Seminar on “Political Movement of Guruchand Thakur” on July 17, 2021, at 06:00 p.mClick here
  7. 2nd Online Seminar on “Women Empowerment in Matua Concept” on July 10, 2021, at 06:00 p.mClick here
  8. 1st Online Seminar on Education, Social Reforms and Upliftment of Matuas in Historical Perspective – Click Here